Legit Box 1.0

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The Legit Box 2.0

This box has all the goodies you need. Tried and tested by our favorite person Legit Britt. He has in each box some soft baits and hard baits and amazing Reeligion clothing and accessories. Here are what comes in each amazing box.

You'll be getting 35% off on all these amazing products retail.


2 Pack of Xzone soft baits.

1 Wicked Weights pack

1 Reeligion Hat (Surprise Color)

1 Reeligion Tee (Surprise Tee)

1 Reeligion Buff (Surprise Color)

4 Stickers

2 Wrist Bands

Please select the size of the Tee-Shirt!!

These boxes are limited to 12. Get them while you can!!